The Blind-spot Safety Feature

Blind-spot monitoring is but one of many new safety features available on the latest vehicle models available in our Burlington, WI inventory. Studies over time reveal that safety technology has reduced lane-change collisions by 14 percent.

The system means that the vehicle is equipped with special sensors, sonar or radar components that continually monitor the sides of the vehicle. If a vehicle should enter the zone beyond a driver's visibility, the system sends an immediate alert to let the driver know of the vehicle's presence.

The alarm commonly includes a flashing light on the side mirror. But, the alert might also include an audible tone or a vibrating steering wheel. The signals let the driver know that changing lanes is not safe at this time. Some of the alerts trigger automatically while others initiate if the driver uses the turn signal. See all of the new safety features at your Miller Motor Sales and go for a test drive.

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