Drivers Appreciate the Durability Features of the Ram 1500

The reason you will find Dodge on the list for top light-duty pick-up trucks is because they focus on durability in the design. Here are some features in the Ram 1500 you'll appreciate.

You want a new truck that is built to handle the heavier loads and able to tow things effortlessly. The reason the Ram 1500 can move things around without trouble has to do with the frame steel strength. Not only does the Ram 1500 make use of a unique eight cross member design for added strength, the 50,000 psi steel is built to last.

Whether you are towing a heavy load down an incline or riding on slick roads, you can depend on the four-wheel disc antilock brakes in your Ram 1500 to slow the vehicle safely.

Now you can stop by Miller Motor Sales and take the Ram 1500 for a test drive and get to see these features and more in action.

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