What to Use to Keep Traction in the Winter

The buildup of snow and ice on roads and in driveways can make driving on it dangerous. Often times, a car will get stuck in the snow, or on the ice, and a driver will have to be crafty if they want to free their vehicle.

Miller Motor Sales here with a quick message for Burlington residents. Salt, sand or kitty litter can be used to free your car by spreading it underneath the tires. Each of the three options will work by adding traction so that your car can drive off of the ice, but salt melts snow and ice which can then quickly freeze in colder conditions.

Sand does not melt the ice but it can still offer traction and is affordable. Kitty litter is affordable, is made out of clay, will soak up liquid such as wet snow to get your tire to bare asphalt, and can refreeze to become slick.

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