Tips for DIY Headlight Restoration

You know that toothpaste works wonders on your headlight. You are probably trying to figure out why the solution does such a great job of restoring your car’s headlamps to new. The formula behind toothpaste’s incredible abilities is a bit of science.

Toothpaste is crafted to eliminate plaque, which is of a similar substance found on extremely dirty headlamps. Your favorite paste does not know the difference between a tooth that needs buffering and a car’s headlight that requires restoration. The job of the formula is to clear dirt, which it does quite well on both human teeth and vehicle lights.

You only need to apply a bit of toothpaste to a wet sponge and wipe with aggression to bring back the shine that your vehicle’s headlamps have been missing for years. Rubbing vigorously for upwards of two or three minutes may be necessary if your lamps are very dingy. You may also find favorable results from applying a professional wax solution to your headlamps after cleaning them with toothpaste.

It is always a good idea to have your headlights checked now and then so that you are safe on the road. Stop by our service center at Miller Motor Sales in Burlington today for an inspection!

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