Feel Safe in a New Jeep Wrangler!

We at Miller Motor Sales love it when our customers feel safe in a new SUV. The Jeep Wrangler is a great compact SUV to drive around Burlington, or you can get out of town and do some off-roading. The safety features make driving in any condition a good way to really enjoy the work Jeep has put into the Wrangler.

The ParkView Rear Backup Camera makes it easy when parking this compact SUV in tight spaces. The touchscreen displays your camera as the Jeep is placed in reverse. You are able to see everything behind you and safely back into those tight spots. The camera is also helpful when using a trailer.

The sport bar is constructed to be a tough safety feature that is in place to protect you and your passengers. It is easy to take the top off of your Jeep and enjoy the breeze while you know you are safe and secure with this updated feature.

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