New Chrysler Pacifica: Comfort For All, Anytime


Minivans are made for driving comfort. They're made for hauling lots of people all at once, in addition to all the baggage they carry with them. They're made to be comfortable during long trips. They're spacious, offer ample power, and plenty of convenience-oriented features. Don't let us forget the infotainment technology minivans include to keep kids entertained. But not all minivans are made equal. Chrysler has a distinct advantage where minivans are concerned because they created the Chrysler Town & Country. Blast to the past: Back in the eighties, the Town & Country was incredibly revolutionary. And Chrysler has learned a lot since then - like what minivan buyers are looking for, and what type of people buy minivans.

Available Features

The new Chrysler Pacifica has been designed with families in mind. From the over 100 available safety features to the Stow-'n-vac integrated vacuum, to the Tri-Pane sunroof, Chrysler has pulled out all the stops in the new Pacifica. There's even an available Pacifica Hybrid! With all the amazing features the Pacifica boasts, it not a surprise that families are finding innovative ways to use them all -- like the family in the video above. Thanks to a brilliant design, ample features, and we must say, ingenious drivers, the Pacifica boasts comfort for all its passengers at any time. Even those times that we maybe wish didn't happn...

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