Why Use Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Using the correct windshield wiper fluid is just as important for a vehicle as using the right gasoline or motor oil. This fluid is specifically used to clean the windshield of a vehicle without leaving streaks.

It has specifically been formulated to lubricate the washer system as well. This keeps the internal components of the system pliable and prevents them from breaking due to becoming too brittle. It is important for a driver to use windshield washer fluid in their systems and not water because windshield wiper fluid has an anti-freezing agent in it that will allow the fluid to stay a liquid below freezing. Water does not do this.

A driver that fills their system with water will be running the risk of system failure due to it icing up. Miller Motor Sales want to inform residents in the Burlington area on what to put in your wiper fluid system so that you can keep the system clean, lubricated and functional.

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